Hindu torture by issue insulting religion in Facebook

Satyajit Chowdhury Analysis Report. 

Hindu torture has become a fashion by insulting religion in Bangladesh. 10,000 people gathered in Rongpur and gathered a procession and attacked the Hindu house and burnt the houses. If this is a scandalous event, some plans work behind it. In the present “Reveal Religion and Humiliation of Hinduism by Facebook”, please read this in an analytical report.


Incident Fluctuation: Events occur in any area where Hindu minorities live. If there is a quarrel or dispute between a Hindu community of people of a Muslim community. They want to retaliate using the current social media facebook. After examining the past incidents, I found that, Some Muslim extremists, In the name of Hindu people social media has opened a fack account in Facebook.Then there are some non-epic images posted on the Facebook profile, which soon became viral. Notice the matter. How is a person being in danger! 

Turn point of the incident: After being inoperative pictures and post viral, everyone expresses the initiative with the incident. Think of the posting by editing photoshop the images of Kabah Sharif, Allah or the Prophets. Which is very unpopular and can not be accepted on your behalf. If you insult someone who is very dear to you, then your anger will be normal. Just as somebody insults your father, you’ll usually get angry and hit him. Turn this point – if the pictures are viral then nobody thinks that the person posted the pictures. Generally they have insulted our loved ones, places or Allah, so he has no exemption. Take our vengeance and we will burn his house. But the protesters did not think that their house is going to burn us, whether it is an innocent criminal? I do not see the fault of the protesters. Because they think about the sensitive issue – they insulted my religion. Then there is no difference between good and bad on his head. But a few words here are just a handful of thousands of Muslim people. How does he oppose Muslims as a minority Then they became angry and attacked Hindu house and burnt them and looted the house. Then one of their targets was determined by taking revenge. Take a look at your little eyewitness. How the minority is being destroyed by capitalizing on the favorites subject of Muslims. With the help of technology, Hindu oppression became easier. I have seen a drama about this and you can take a look at it. https://youtu.be/jnCoDdzmuYQ If you see this drama, I can understand the matter well.


Now the question is why is the process of killing Hindus in Bangladesh?


Ansal is very easy – a group of people do not want to be a Hindu in Bangladesh. So these are planned attacks on Hindus. It’s been a futuristic era for some years now that Facebook has opened a fake ID in the name of religion.

But the people who are going to protest on the other side and ask questions are not illiterate? Why did they not understand it?

As many as 30% of the people in actually thought that it was a fake Facebook ID, and the other 70% of them could take revenge.

Through this process, Hindu destruction is going on in Bangladesh, which is one of the easiest and most useful means of technology.


Efforts are being made in the Bangladesh Regulatory Regulatory Order and eager protesters. So they attacked very strongly. When the Dasheja people will gather and protest together, then this protest rally can not be called offense because they are protesting against injustice. But they do not think that he is an unjust wrongdoer. In this way, incidents of violence increased in different places on the helpless Hindus. Several places including Rangpur, Nasrinagar have been attacked. It is astonished to think that some people have ruined the Hindu population due to religion’s sake. I want to interfere with the Facebook authorities in this regard. Because the medium that is being used here is facebook. Facebook can not avoid this liability. If the world leaders do not look into this matter, then Bangladesh will soon become zero Hindu. 


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